Raspery is a warm and friendly winter companion thanks to its airy, soft structure and fluffy surface. It feels peaceful with its puffy structure. With Raspery you can create your own space and provide the isolation needed to listen to and find peace. Raspery creates a cozy atmosphere for you while listening to music, reading a book, watching movies, writing, sipping a cup of coffee, snacking and spending time on the internet. It is a resting point for breathing in a quick and intense life. Fluffy series yarns produced with giant knitting special technology are merino wool materials.

All products are hand knitted carefully.

You can choose another size from the following panel.

Only dry clean.

Small chunky blanket sizes average 60*100±6 cm (23*±40 inch)
Medium chunky blanket sizes average 80*120±6 cm (32*48±2 inch)

Large chunky blanket sizes average 100*150±8 cm (40*60±2 inch)
XLarge chunky blanket sizes average 110*170±8 cm (43*67±2 inch)
Please let us know If your country of residence is not included in the shipping list. Contact at whatsapp +905338192909

Note: In general, merino wool products can pilling on the surface due to its unique fluffy structure. Extra soft and puffy surface, cozy appearance is created by this structure.

Weight N/A

Large(100*150cm), Medium(80*120cm), Small(60*100cm), XLarge(110*170cm)

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