This chunky cushion is made of WASHABLE Soft cotton yarn. Soft series yarns produced with giant knitting special technology are cotton materials which are high quality material. This blanket DOESN’T SHED or PILL.

This cotton cushion is suitable for 4 seasons.
All chunky cushions are hand knitted carefully. VEGAN product.
With Raspery blanket you can create your own space and provide the isolation needed to feel to and find peace. Raspery creates a cozy atmosphere for you while listening to music, reading a book, watching movies, writing, sipping a cup of coffee, snacking and spending time on the internet. It is a resting point for breathing in a quick and intense life.

Ccunky cushion sizes average 40*40±4 cm (15*15±2 inch) weight 0,4±0,2 kg

Weight 0.5 kg

Fuchsia, Pale Pink, Blue


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